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People Notice Only I get Duck Out

People Notice Only I get Duck Out
Reporter BudBud: The tour of India to Australia, has got heated after both the teams have scored 1-1 win in the Test Match series till now. While both the teams would put their best to win the rest matches, there is someone who is making headlines as a Batsman. No, not for his exceptional batting skills like Sir Don Bradman but he is our very own KL Rahul.

Recently at press report, KL Rahul made some exploding revelations on the Indian Cricket fans and their mindset. He also questioned their partiality towards him about his performance.

He claimed that, since he has not performed well is this test match series, people have started taunting and haunting him on Social Media. He claimed this taunting and haunting shows partiality of cricket fan towards him.He said while Ishant Sharma and Md. Shami have also not scored well in this series, no body is going to do the same taunting and haunting to them.

He also asked why it's always the responsibility of the batsman to score why not the bowlers as well. 
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